Health and wellness

Better health is within your reach. Live your life to the fullest and support your overall wellbeing with these benefits and resources.

Medical and dental

Gen provides 100% company-paid private medical insurance through Laya Healthcare for all team members (permanent and fixed term) and your eligible dependants from your date of hire with no waiting period. Eligible dependants include your spouse or domestic partner and children under age 18—or under age 21 if they’re in full-time education.

Enrol and add dependants on MyBenefits (or through MyApps).

What’s covered

Cover includes inpatient and outpatient preventive care and treatment. Routine and emergency dental services are also covered.

Review the Laya Healthcare Inspire Plus scheme overview [PDF] for cover details.

You can view policy details on the Laya Healthcare website. You can also:

  • Update your contact details
  • Change your current level of cover
  • Purchase additional cover

To log in to the site, you will need your membership number, which is on your membership card.


Gen cover 100% of the cost of the Laya Healthcare Inspire Plus Scheme. The value of your private medical insurance is taxable as a benefit in kind (BIK). Your policy will be taxed each month through payroll and will be subject to PAYE, PRSI, and USC.

If you are over age 34 when you initially take out health insurance, you may have to pay extra for your cover (the Lifetime Community rating loading): an extra 2% added to your premium for each year above 34, up to a maximum of 70%. Gen will not pay for any additional amount incurred, and you will be responsible for paying this amount directly to Laya.


You can make claims online through the Laya website or the app.
Laya representatives also conduct on-site claims clinics to which you can bring your receipts and process your claims directly with Laya.

For inpatient care, Laya operate direct payment agreements with most hospitals, so members are not required to pay large sums of money prior to admission or immediately on discharge. Laya will write to you to let you know when your bills are settled with the hospital.

Laya recommend that you call their customer care team at 1890 700 890 to confirm your cover before your stay in hospital.


Team members who habitually use a visual display unit (VDU) in the course of their work are entitled to a sight test every two years, the cost of which will be reimbursed.

Eye test procedure

Team members with a certain number of PRSI contributions qualify for the Optical Treatment Benefit. Before booking a sight test, contact Gen HR, who can check your entitlement in advance of treatment.

If you are eligible, your provider will need information to identify you, including your PPS number and date of birth. Before treatment, you will need to sign a consent form allowing your treatment provider to have your identification details.
Team members who do not have sufficient PRSI contributions or who have been refused the Optical Treatment Benefit should claim the cost of the sight test through Concur as an expense, which is exempt from PAYE and PRSI.

VDU glasses procedure

The optician may make recommendations that you require spectacles specifically for working with a VDU, defined as needing corrective lenses at 30–60 centimetres. If you require these spectacles, obtain a report from the optician, and Gen will contribute €127 towards the cost of a basic frame and two lenses. If you select a more expensive pair, you will be responsible for the difference. The subsidy does not apply to team members who require corrective lenses for near vision or distance vision and do not require lenses at 60 centimetres.

To apply for reimbursement, submit a receipt, letter, or invoice through People & Payroll SupportNow. The documentation must state the glasses are for VDU and the amount. The amount claimed will be processed through payroll and will be subject to PAYE and PRSI.

Employee assistance programme (EAP)

Relationships. Finances. Parenting. Life can be challenging. The employee assistance programme (EAP) through Cigna can help.

You and your eligible family members receive up to six confidential, professional counselling sessions by phone or in person per issue per year—at no cost to you. Talk to a professional counsellor, who can help you:

  • Manage stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction
  • Handle relationship issues and divorce
  • Develop your resilience
  • Cope with illness and death
  • Manage your finances and create a financial plan
  • Access legal advice from a licensed attorney

You can also access online resources to help you manage your wellbeing on your own, including childcare and parenting support services, financial tools, and legal advice.

This benefit is completely confidential and 100% company paid.

Get started

Call 1 800 490 390 to talk to a counsellor. Or visit the Cigna website and use company code gen.

Wellness reimbursement

Fitness and exercise play a significant role in your overall wellbeing. To help you meet your physical goals, Gen will reimburse you up to US$450 (local currency equivalent) per calendar year for eligible fitness expenses, including gym memberships, personal trainers, and race entry fees.

How it works

You have one year to request fitness expense reimbursements through Workday.

Complete the Gen Employee Benefits Reimbursement Claim Form in Workday, attaching the authorization form along with original receipts from the gym, health club, or other wellness/fitness expense(s).

Eligible expenses

Memberships: Health clubs/gyms of your choice

Lessons or personal training: Personal training/coaching for fitness activities

Group fitness classes/lessons/leagues: Class or registration fees, community center classes, yoga, karate, martial arts, Pilates, aerobics, dance exercise, kayaking, spinning, step, kickboxing, muscle conditioning, tennis, badminton, golf, softball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming/aquatics, skiing, racquet ball, rowing, trekking, running/jogging, mountain biking, hiking, bowling, horseback riding, and other similar fitness class, lesson, or league

Online fitness classes/programs: Subscriptions, registration fees, on-demand or live classes or training to include yoga, Pilates, aerobics, spinning, strength training, step, and other related online fitness classes or programs

Entrance fees: Hiking trail, park, race, or other similar fitness entrance fees

Weight loss programs and nutrition counseling: Those not covered by health insurance program

At-home gym or fitness equipment: Dumbbells, treadmills, snowboards, skis, bicycles, tennis rackets, golf clubs, yoga mats, helmets, skates, hula hoops; equipment for swimming, football, soccer, baseball

Wellness resources

Our ongoing commitment to your health and wellness is centered around cultivating a culture of wellness that supports your body, mind, and financial health.

Our current global offerings include virtual mindfulness, stress reduction, and fitness classes.

Learn more on Gen Central.