Work-life benefits

Get more out of life with these benefits and programmes from Gen.


You can purchase a monthly MultiSport card for 800 CZK—400 CZK from salary deduction plus 400 Benefit Plus points. Use your MultiSport card on more than 2 700 sports activities, including swimming, climbing, squash, and trainings or lessons.

You can also purchase one card for your partner, friend, or family member with a 1 600 CZK salary deduction.

Ready to order your cards? Go to the Benefit Plus portal and navigate to the e-shop. The deadline for placing or cancelling orders is the 19th of each month.

Discount on electronics

When you register with the DATART VIP programme, you can purchase electronics with discounts up to 15%. You also receive additional special offers.

To register:

  1. Go to VIP customers | DATART  and complete the form.
  2. Enter VIP registration code VIPAVAST20.
  3. Log in with your VIP account.

Business travel insurance

If you travel abroad on company business, you’re covered if something happens. Business travel insurance is provided at no cost to you.


All team members who work at least 20 hours per week receive business travel insurance. Eligible dependants travelling with you are also covered.


The business travel policy is administered by Chubb, and emergency assistance is coordinated by International SOS (ISOS).

Medical and prescription drug expenses: Medical care, including emergency evacuation or repatriation, is covered. Drugs that require a doctor’s prescription are also covered.

Lost baggage: If your baggage is lost, you’ll be reimbursed up to US$3,000 per trip.

Trip cancellation: If you need to cancel a trip due to illness, injury, the death of a covered family member, or an emergency at home, Chubb will reimburse you up to US$2,000 for the cost of your travel back home.

Accidental death and dismemberment: If you die or are seriously injured during a trip, Chubb will provide a benefit equal to 3 times your annual base salary, up to US$1,000,000; US$50,000 for your spouse or domestic partner; and US$25,000 for each child.

Before you travel

Prepare for your trip.

  • Visit the ISOS site to learn about potential risks and to get other information about your destination.
  • Print your ISOS ID card to carry with you.
  • Download the ISOS app from the App Store or Google Play.

Get help

Contact ISOS at +1-215-942-8226 or the regional number if you have a medical emergency while travelling on Gen business. ISOS will assist as needed with referrals to doctors and medical facilities, emergency medication, emergency cash advances, medical evacuation, and emergency travel arrangements.

ISOS will also coordinate your medical claims through ACE Insurance.

For reimbursement claims for lost baggage or trip interruption, contact People & Payroll SupportNow for the appropriate claim form. 

Education reimbursement

At Gen, we recognize that forward-looking learning, development, and education build upon individual strengths to help foster an innovative team and a culture of continued enlightenment. We also recognize that the responsibility for growth and development lies jointly with you and Gen.

How it works

Gen offers reimbursement up to 143 300 CZK per year (subject to Czech tax laws) for college entrance exams, exam preparation courses, and job-related courses leading to a degree, including AA, AS, BA, BS, MBA, diploma, graduate diploma, or doctorate, from an accredited college or university. The course work must directly relate to your career development within Gen.

Gen also offers reimbursement for nondegree programs such as certifications and skills-based courses, provided the certification aligns with your individual development plan shared with your people leader. This includes refresher courses and courses to achieve your career goals, to meet local or regional legal requirements, and, where applicable, to align with your contract.

For details on how to apply for reimbursement, visit the education reimbursement page on Gen Central.