Supplemental insurance

Supplemental insurance provides you and your family an additional level of financial protection in the event of a serious accident or illness. 

All active U.S. team members working at least 20 hours per week are eligible to enroll in any or all three supplemental insurance plans. The plans also cover your eligible dependents.

How the plans work

Supplemental insurance complements your medical and disability coverage. You have three supplemental insurance plans available to you through MetLife:

  • Accident insurance
  • Hospital indemnity insurance
  • Critical illness insurance

The plans provide a lump-sum benefit payment directly to you if you have an accident, are admitted to a hospital, or experience one of the covered conditions. This money can be used on anything you choose, from medical copays and deductibles to everyday expenses like mortgage payments and child care.

You pay the full cost of supplemental insurance through after-tax payroll deductions.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance offers you financial protection for the unexpected. You receive a cash benefit if you’re injured and receive medical services, treatment, or hospitalization, provided you meet the policy requirements.

Covered conditions include:

  • Injuries: fractures, dislocations, concussions, lacerations, eye injuries, torn knee cartilage, ruptured discs, and severe burns
  • Medical services and treatments: ambulance, emergency care, physical therapy, testing, and medical appliances
  • Hospitalization: admission after an accident
 Benefit amount
Emergency room$100
Urgent care$75
Hospitalization$1,000 per accident
Daily hospital stay$100 per day, up to 365 days
Major diagnostic exam$150
Accident follow-up visit$50, up to 2 times per accident, maximum of 6 per year
Physical therapy$35, up to 10 visits

To learn more, review the MetLife accident insurance plan summary [PDF].

Hospital indemnity insurance

Hospital indemnity insurance pays a cash benefit directly to you if you or an eligible family member is admitted to the hospital because of a covered accident, illness, or childbirth.

 Benefit Amount
Hospital admission$1,000, up to 4 times a year
ICU admission$1,000, up to 4 times a year, paid in addition to the hospital admission benefit
Daily hospital limit$100, up to 2 days
Daily ICU limit$100, up to 15 days, paid in addition to the hospital admission benefit
Pregnancy coverageNormal and complications
Newborn coverageUp to 31 days at no additional cost
Inpatient mental health and substance abuse treatmentUp to 30 days per year

To learn more, review the MetLife hospital indemnity insurance plan summary [PDF].

Critical illness insurance

If you experience any covered condition in categories 1–3, you’ll receive a lump-sum benefit payment, provided you meet the policy requirements. You may receive more than one payment, depending on your covered condition.

Covered conditions by category include:

Category 1 (incorporates all cancer-related conditions)

  • Full benefit cancer
  • Partial benefit cancer
  • Bone marrow transplant

Category 2 (incorporates all heart-related conditions)

  • Heart attack
  • Heart transplant
  • Stroke
  • Coronary artery bypass graft

Category 3 (incorporates all other covered conditions)

  • Major organ transplant (other than bone marrow and heart)
  • Kidney failure
InsuredCoverage options
YouCategory benefit amount of $10,000
Spouse or domestic partner$10,000 (if you are covered)
Children$10,000 per dependent child (if you are covered)

To learn more, review the MetLife critical illness insurance plan summary [PDF].   

How to enroll

You can only enroll in supplemental insurance as a new hire or during the annual Open Enrollment period. Enroll through (or through Benefitsolver on MyApps).

If both you and your spouse or domestic partner work at Gen, you can elect each type of supplemental insurance for both of you, or you can each elect to cover only yourself. However, only one of you can elect supplemental insurance for the same child.


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