Education reimbursement

At Gen, we recognize that forward-looking learning, development, and education build upon individual strengths to help foster an innovative team and a culture of continued enlightenment. We also recognize that responsibility for growth and development lies jointly with you and Gen.  

How it works

Gen offers reimbursement up to $5,250 per year for college entrance exams, exam preparation courses, and job-related courses leading to a degree, including AA, AS, BA, BS, MBA, diploma, graduate diploma, or doctorate, from an accredited college or university. The course work must directly relate to your career development within Gen.

Gen also offers reimbursement for nondegree programs such as certifications and skills-based courses, provided the certification aligns with your individual development plan shared with your people leader. This includes refresher courses and courses to achieve your career goals, to meet local or regional legal requirements, and, where applicable, to align with your contract.

For details on how to apply for reimbursement, visit the education reimbursement page on Gen Central.