Physical wellness

Your Gen benefits can help you stay healthy, so you can live life to the fullest. Our ongoing commitment to your health and wellness is centered around having an integrated and equitable wellness program that supports your body, mind, and financial well-being.

Wellness reimbursement

Fitness and exercise play a significant role in your overall well-being. To help you meet your physical goals, Gen reimburses you up to $450 per calendar year for eligible fitness expenses, including gym memberships, personal trainers, and race entry fees.

How it works

You have one year to request fitness expense reimbursements through Workday.

Complete the Gen Employee Benefits Reimbursement Claim Form in Workday, attaching the authorization form along with original receipts from the gym, health club, or other wellness/fitness expense(s).

Eligible expenses

Memberships: Health clubs/gyms of your choice

Lessons or personal training: Personal training/coaching for fitness activities

Group fitness classes/lessons/leagues: Class or registration fees, community center classes, yoga, karate, martial arts, pilates, aerobics, dance exercise, kayaking, spinning, step, kickboxing, muscle conditioning, tennis, badminton, golf, softball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming/aquatics, skiing, racquet ball, rowing, trekking, running/jogging, mountain biking, hiking, bowling, horseback riding, and other similar fitness class, lesson, or league

Online fitness classes/programs: Subscriptions, registration fees, on-demand or live classes or training to include yoga, pilates, aerobics, spinning, strength training, step, and other related online fitness classes or programs

Entrance fees: Hiking trail, park, race, or other similar fitness entrance fees

Weight loss programs and nutrition counseling: Those not covered by health insurance program

At-home gym or fitness equipment: Dumbbells, treadmills, snowboards, skis, bicycles, tennis rackets, golf clubs, yoga mats, helmets, skates, hula hoops; equipment for swimming, football, soccer, baseball

Medical travel reimbursement

If you need to receive out-of-state health care because eligible services are not available where you live, Gen provides a medical travel reimbursement to cover travel and lodging expenses. The lifetime maximum amount of the reimbursement is $10,000.

For details, contact your medical plan:

  • Cigna: Visit Cigna or call 800-997-1654.
  • Kaiser: Visit Kaiser or call 800-464-4000.

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Seasonal flu shots

To help promote well-being and maintain a healthy workplace, Gen offers free flu shots every fall to all U.S. team members.

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On-site fitness centers

Gen provides on-site fitness centers at our locations in Mountain View and Tempe. 

All team members and interns can sign up to use the on-site fitness centers at no cost.

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There’s more on Gen Central

Find information about local wellness events, webinars, resources, and on-demand replays of popular events. 

Visit Gen Central