Medical second opinion

To make sure you and your family receive the best medical care possible, you have access to Teladoc Health’s expert medical opinion service.

How the program works

Teladoc provides a second-opinion service that lets you receive comprehensive medical advice from the world’s leading physicians. This can help you make medical decisions with confidence. 

You can arrange for a confidential second opinion from a world-renowned doctor about a diagnosis, treatment option, surgery, or medication—at no cost.


All Gen team members who work more than 20 hours per week are eligible for Teladoc Health’s expert medical opinion service, even if you are not enrolled in a Gen medical plan. Your family members—including your parents and parents-in-law—are also eligible.

Get started

To connect with Teladoc for an expert’s review of your situation, call 800-835-2362, or open a case on the Teladoc website.